From: Amanda Blair - Burns, TN

I received the family bible yesterday. Thank you for you wonderful craftsmanship on this priceless family heirloom.
     Amanda Blair

From: Randy Botti - Kamuela, HI

Wow, great job, got it today.
     It's a treasure.
     Thank you
     Randy Botti

From: James Pate - Las Vegas, NV

     The four books are back now, with no damage whatsoever in shipment. It is nice to have them again in usable form.
     Your quality will be remembered long after the cost has been forgotten.

From: Judy Worth - Broxton, GA


From: Charles Robinson , Hartfield House - Kennet Sq., PA

     I just have to repeat myself. The job you did on the Burns volume dazzles me. How you ever made a front cover from a back and did it so neatly that it looks as though it should always have been that way.... well, it's highly skilled artistry and I am so grateful to you.
     Charles Robinson

From: Carol Merrill - - Peoria, AZ

We received our Family Bible yesterday and love it. You did an excellent job in restoring it.
     Thank you so much.
     Carol Merrill

From: Edward Hawkin - Dover, DE

Hi Ed,
     The bibles arrived and they look absolutely wonderful. You did a super job restoring my mom's bible, and I like the feel of mine as it is much larger and the soft cover makes it handle much easier.
     Ed Hawkins

From: Albert H. Murray - Brooksville, KY

I Received my Blue Jackets Manual last week and wanted to let you know that I am Very, Very pleased with the results of your work. The manual means a lot to me as it was given by a retired sailor who received it from his dad. My goal is to pass it on to my grandson who will hopefully served our great country just as I have. Thanks again and God Bless you and God Bless America.
     Albert Murray

From: Laura Stephens - Laurens, SC

      I received the book today. It looks great! Thank you so much for making it last another 100 years. I will be sure to tell anyone who asks what a quality job that you do at Craft Bookbinding. If you would like to use this on your recommendations page of your web site, feel free.
     Take care, Laura

From: Carol Edwards - Downingtown, PA

Dear Craft Bookbinding:
     I wanted to express in writing how pleased our family was with your work on our 1902 Sears & Roebuck catalogue.
     I really struggled over whether it was worth it....your expertise comes at a high cost...but I'm SO very glad we went ahead with the complete book refurbishing.
     The catalogue was a valued family memory and we are so glad to now be able to hand it down to the next generation knowing it is in such good shape.
     Before we had the catalogue repaired, we didn't want to turn the pages for fear one would be ripped out or lost. What good is a book you are afraid to open?? Now, we laugh at the "old-timey" women's wear and seemingly incredibly cheap cost of goods. One could truly buy everything FOR your house INCLUDING the house from this turn of the century catalogue.
     Times have changed, but we're glad skilled workmanship such as yours is timeless.
     Again, our many thanks,
     Carol Edwards and family

From: Michael Chavez - Columbus, MS

Mr. Stansell,
     I just received my 1895 Combination Family Bible and it is immaculate! You have turned an old neglected Bible into a treasured masterpiece. You are indeed a Master Craftsman. Thank you. God Bless you and your family!
     TSgt Michael Chavez
     United States Air Force

From: Melinda Avila - Rancho Cordova, CA

     The book looks FANTASTIC, thanks so much, what a wonderful job.
     Melinda Avila

From: Mark Lessard - New York, NY

Hi Ed:
     I wanted to let you know that the Tocqueville books were beautifully done. Thanks for the fine craftsmanship.
     Best regards,

From: Betsy R. Knox - Ooltewah, TN

Mr. Stansell:
     Thank you so much for sending my Bible. You have done a wonderful job. It is amazing. What a transformation!
     I will surely recommend Craft Bookbinding in the future, should anyone ask me of reputable book restoring company.
     Thank you again and best regards.
     Betsy R. Knox

From: Sharon Lebherz - Portola Valley, CA

Hi Ed,
     Just wanted to let you know that I've received the two copies of Ponga Boy and they are terrific! It was quite a long wait but ultimately, well worth it. Thank you for making it happen ~ my husband was quite surprised and pleased with his treasure; he was quick to notice the quality of the pages and cover (both covers). I'm certain Mr Reed will feel the same once he receives his copy, I haven't yet gifted it to him, but soon!
     Thanks again,

From: Bruce Albrecht - Spring Green, WI

Hello Ed,
     I wanted to let you know that my book and slipcase arrived safely today. It's very nice work, and I'm already enjoying them.
     Thank you,
     Bruce Albrecht

From: Charles G. Maxfield - Landrom, SC

     Just a note to thank you for such terrific work on restoring my leather bound "Our Fireman 1887" book. You did a wonderful job creating the new spine in replica of the original artwork of the book. I am really pleased with the book and have a couple more old books that I will send to you for restoration.
     Again thanks,
     Charlie Maxfield

From: John Reilly - Davenport, FL

      I received the Bible on Saturday. It is FANTASTIC !!! Thank you very much for the care that you have given to it.

From: Walter Ord - Mc Dowell, KY

I received my dad's Bible in the mail yesterday and I just wanted to thank you for your work. The Bible is beautiful! It means so much to me. Thank you again.

From: Janie C. Dillon - Clemson, SC

Dear Ed,
     My grandfather’s log of the ship Charles A. Campbell arrived yesterday. From having talked with you more than once, I was expecting a really professional job of restoring this book. However, you have made it new and old all at once! What a superb job. You took a book we were afraid to touch and returned one that invites handling, albeit still with care.
     Thank you for suggesting that we de-acidify the pages. I find it reassuring to have had that done. Thank you for stabilizing the badly deteriorating fly page as well. The leather trim, while new, looks almost like it could have been the original. I am truly in awe at the beautiful work you have done. My son and two nephews are all sailors and will love being able to hold and read this book without fear of its crumbling in their hands.
     My grandfather would be honored. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

From: Paul Kelly - Mission Viejo, CA

Dear Ed,
     Thank you for such an incredible restoration on my 1947 Artist Book entitled "Felicia ou Mes Fredaines", which is one of only fifty examples produced that is complete with twenty original hand colored etchings by Louis Icart, along with a second suite of etchings in black. Unfortunately, the hard and soft cover and most every page of this highly sought after book were heavily water damaged and full of mildew and mold. So much so, that both the hard and soft cover were unsalvageable and had to be replaced, as well as many of the pages were falling apart and had to be mended, as well as washed, bleached, and re-sized. When I purchased this book, I had no real idea of the severity of damage and thought for sure when I saw it first hand that it was not a candidate for restoration and would've been a better candidate to have been cannibalized for the etchings. So, when I initially emailed photos of it to you of its condition, I still had my reservations when you had stated that it could be restored. The thing is... I've been in the business of selling fine art for nearly thirty years, having specialized in original works by Louis Icart, and I have seen works on paper first hand that were "supposedly" restored that didn't come close to the quality that you had performed on this rare book. Not only am I truly impressed with its outcome, but I'm ecstatic as well.
     Thanks again,
     Paul Kelly
     Mission Viejo, CA

From: Ted Anderson - Conway, SC

     Received the bible yesterday.We are elated,your workmanship was excellent.We are so happy to have it restored.Some of the names of my ancestors listed are traced through Genealogy through the Civil war,Revolutionary War and the early settlement of Virginia.They can be traced all the way back to Charlemagne.Thanks so much for your excellent work.We would be happy to recommend your restoration service.Again much thanks for your efforts.
     Ted Anderson

From: Peggy Spellman - Wellesley, MA

Ed and Sandy,
     Peggy and Peter is so beautifully restored, my eyes filled with tears when I saw it! Thanks you so much for your excellent work. I'll keep your card ready so I can recommend you to friends.
     Thanks again,

From: Linda Harris - Palm Harbor, FL

     Dear Emily, 3-8-2011
     Today I opened the package containing the treasured childhood book that belonged to my father-in-law.
     I found it to be a marvelous transformation from the well-used book he loved as a child. We never dared to share it with our boys for fear of totally destroying the pages, but now I think that as the grandbabies visit it will be our pleasure to share it with them.
     The thing I like the most is that the book retains its age. Thank you so much Emily for your painstaking diligence and attention to detail in the restoration. This is a family heirloom that you have restored to us.
     Be well,
     Linda Harris

From: Elmwood Cemetery - Memphis, TN

Mr. Stansell,
     I’m sorry I wasn’t here Friday when you came. The book is wonderful!!. I’m so glad you were able to save so much of the leather on the covers, and the spine with its new printing looks great. I know the board members who contributed will be pleased with the plaque on the inside. I plan to show the book to them at the next board meeting on July 25. The pages really look good, too. We are amazed by your craftsmanship, and hope to get another book to you soon.

From: Jimmy Askew - Bartlett, TN

Hi Ed,
     Again, I wish to say how pleased I am with the work you did on our family Bible.
     I have another book which I would like to have redone. It is a 1968 dictionary I got during my college days. I would like to have it restored to the way it looked when new.

From: Nancy O'Dell - Morristown, TN

Dear Mr. Stansell,
     I am still in awe of your unique talents, and hope that you are training an apprentice to help you and learn how to carry this art to further generations.
     I also want to tell you that every time a finished book arrived, I have said, "Oh, Sam would have SO loved what has been done for this book.
     I appreciate your patience with me during such a difficult period of my life.
     Looking forward to this book.
     Nancy O'Dell

Jean Marie Guerville - La Queue en Brie, France

Cher Monsieur
Le livre est arrive
C'est vraiment formidable merci beaucoup felicitations
C'est un tres beau travail je suis heureux de voir un
livre que vous avez sauvé ilfaut restauré les livres mais
il faut sauver des Artistes comme vous pour que ces livres
qui nous sont chers passent a la generation suivante Toute
ma reconnaissance Je vous recontacte prochainement tres

Dear Monsieur Edward,

The book has arrived. It is really great. Congratulations on a very good job. I am happy to see that you have restored a book that really must be saved. But, you must really save the likes of you, so that books that are dear to us can be passed on to the next generation.

I will contact you again soon.


Jean Marie Guerville

From: Walter Ord - McDowell, KY


I got my Bible today. It is beautiful! Thank you!

Walter Ord

From: Jonathan Blum - Anchorage, KY

Hi Edward,

I just returned from a business trip and opened your package with the Starbuck book. You did a phenomenal job and it was worth waiting for! Thank you very much for your excellent work with the new binding. It is much appreciated.

Regards, Jonathan

From: Troy Parham - Falls Branch, TN


Just received our family bible which you recently restored and the results were far greater than I expected. You definitely lived up to your reputation.


Troy Parham
Fall Branch TN.

From: Ruth Durst - Milton, DE

Just received the Poe Book--it is wonderful and I am sure my grand daughter will be pleased; I know I am.

Thanks you again,

Ruth Durst

From: Jan Ryan - Stratford, CT

Dear Sandy and Ed,

My husband and best friend just surprised me with my Journal.

I am at a loss for words. The leather cover is beautiful, and your kindness and generosity have touched me so very deeply. Sandy, your inspirational emails are now part of my journal and a comfort when the pain gets bad.

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. You have given me so much more than a bookbinding. I will never forget this.

With much gratitude,

Jan Ryan

From: Karl Ott - Mountain Home, Idaho

I received my Tarzan The Untamed today and it looks great! Thank you for doing an excellent job.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Karl Ott
Mountain Home, ID

From: Margaret Perez - Southern Pines, NC

Love it, love it, love it!


From: James Ong - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


Retrieved the books from the post office today. I am totally delighted and extremely satisfied with your rebacking of the books. Many thanks for a job well done. It was well worth the wait. They are the very best volumes in my collection of angling literature.


From: Julian Jamison - Cambridge, MA

Hi Ed,

I just wanted to let you know that the books arrived safely today. The new bindings are beautiful!


From: John Burke - Victoria, BC Canada

Hi Edward:

I received the bible on Thursday, March 9. It looks great and I really love it. I like the sheen the cover has now. I haven't had a chance to go through it page by page yet, but hope to do so soon. It is even difficult to see where the binding was split. I don't think anyone would notice if they didn't know it had been broken. Thanks for your hard and skillful work.

John Burke

From: Vicki Crum - Houston, TX

I received my bibles today. They took a while but are so worth the wait. I was especially worried about the 1857 one but it looks wonderful now (as they all do). These treasures from my ancestors can now be enjoyed by our future generations.

Thank you!

Vicki Crum

From: Kenneth Knowles - Philadelphia, PA

I have been meaning to send you a note to say what a great job you did with the bible and to thank you. it looks great.


From: Fred Hale - Delray Beach, FL

I received my book. Am very satisfied with the restoration you did and want to thank you for the work performed. I will recommend Craft Book Binding.


Fred Hale

From: Eric Leon Bradley - Anthony, NM

I received the Cat In The Hat yesterday and may I thank you for a job well done. The book looks fantastic. You are truly a Master Bookbinder.

Most Respectfully,
- Eric Leon Bradley

From: Jim Havens - Columbia, TN

Just wanted to let you know that we received the bible today.
Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job. We plan to give this bible that belonged to my grandmother to our eight year old granddaughter when she makes her first communion in May of next year.
Is there anything that we should do to help keep it new?

Again, thanks for the great job.

Jim Havens

From: Robbie Hayter - Lebanon, TN

I received it [Family Bible]today. It is magnificent. I am so pleased. I hope you took some before and after pics. It was your online pictures that got my attention. I’m sure you’ll be getting another bible from one of our providers here at the office that was here when I opened it. Thank you and many thanks to all those who worked on it. I’ll be sure to post a review on your page singing praises.

Robbie Hayter

From: Dawn Formo - Myrtle Beach, SC

Hi Edward,

I received the Bible yesterday and it looks amazing! Thank you so much!


From: Chris Martin - Austin, TX

Dear Mr. Stansell:
My cook book and the bound handwritten recipes arrived today in perfect condition. They are both BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much for taking such good care of my family heirloom.

Chris Martin

From: Joe & Gerry Sharpe - Cookeville, TN

Dear Ed;

We received the family Bible that you restored for us. My wife and I are so pleased with the job you did. I remember trying to read that Bible as a young boy and it was in such bad shape that it was very difficult to do; the spine was broken and many of the pages were torn and coming out. Thanks to you it is now in great shape and hopefully future generations of Sharpes will read that Bible and know about their Christian heritage.

Thank you,
Joe and Gerry Sharpe

From: Russ Watkins - Parsippany, NJ

Hi Ed & Sandy,

Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the fantastic job you did restoring my grandfather's Bible. The lettering on the front and the spine - which was so important - came out beautifully. Thank you so much for all your hard work. You've given me back a very special piece of my family's history. God bless you in all you do.



From: Jennie Krych - Flagstaff - AZ

Hi Edward,

I received my Shakespeare book box today. Thank you for the great work. You are truly gifted!

Jennie Krych

From: Scott Dombroski - Tomecula, CA


Books are here. They look fantastic. Great job!



From: Roberts Scheier - Downingtown, PA

Dear Ed,

I have received the Bible and I am very pleased with the work performed. Thanks very much to you and Sandy.

I do have one question for you however. Can please tell me if there are any particular steps I should take to care for the Bible going forward?

I would like to display it on a stand in a recess in our home. I do not believe it should be exposed to bright light. But as you are the expert, I wanted to ask your advice on storage and display.

I appreciate your response. Thanks again for your work.

Best regards,


From: Tim Andrasek - Boca Raton, FL

Dear Ed,

Just wanted to take the time to thank you for the work you performed on my copy of Scott’s Commemorative Stamps of the World stamp album.

Stamp collectors can be a fussy sort and very individualistic in their collecting habits. Selecting albums for their collection is one area that is important as once you add stamps, you are loathe to remove them to install in another album. I discovered that the Scott album I have is very rare and could be the last one around in the bound version. As I want to complete the album and exhibit my collection, the volume needed some work, especially in the addition of inserts as to prevent the album from bulging as it is filled. Let me say you’ve done a magnificent job!! I am in the process of transferring stamps into the volume and removing the serrated pages as I go.

I can’t wait to “show it off” during the winter stamp show season!!! It’ll make the other collectors go “green” as the album is green!

My heartfelt thanks again and I look forward to another time when I can use your services as I look for another album of interest out there/

Best regards,

Tim Andrasek

From: Kristofer Key - Lithia Springs, GA

Hey Ed,

I have looked over the diaries for awhile, they are amazing. You did a wonderful job



From: Ann Seay - Adams, TN

Mr. Stansell,

I received the old family dictionary in the mail Monday morning. My husband, boys, and I were in complete awe to see it restored back to it's original condition. You did a fabulous job!! We closely examined the pages, spine, and covers asking each other, "How in this world did he do this?"
We are forever grateful for your talent and preserving this piece of history that otherwise would be lost.

Best Regards,
Ann Seay

From: Sue Kibler - Findlay, OH

I am very pleased with the high quality of workmanship on this tired old bear book. It has now passed to the fourth generation of girls in the family. Thank you so much for making {the bears} presentable, hopefully for many years to come.

Sue Kibler

From: Mark Sonk - Dearborn Heights, MI

Dear Mr. Stansell;

I'm sorry that this message has taken so long to send. I wanted to tell you that I think that the restoration done on my book was remarkable. Far better than I'd imagined it would be. Considering the pathetic state that it was in when I sent it to you folks, it appears, both inside and out, to be a totally different book. If anyone ever asks me to recommend this type of work or I ever need it again, then you and your company will be #1 on my list.

Thank you for the great job and Happy New Year!


Mark E. Sonk

From: Russ Auberg - NB Canada


We received the Bible on New Years Eve.
It looked great and she was very pleased with it.
Thanks very much for doing the Bible ahead of others.
It is very much appreciated.
Thanks again,

Russ Auberg

From: Tom Waldrop - Senaca, SC


I received my family bible on Saturday and I am truly impressed. I spent most of the afternoon on Sunday looking through it page by page, enjoying things that I had never seen before. It was a beautiful and meticulous job. I posted a picture of it on Facebook and had several friends ask for a reference. You may be hearing from more folks from South Carolina soon. Thank you for a great job.


From: Dale Schaefer - Memphis, TN

Ed & Sandy,

Hi. I just wanted to tell you how nice it was meeting you both last week and seeing your operation. It was fascinating. I thank you for taking the time to show me around and talk. The time went by very quickly. I didn’t realize until I left that I’d taken up nearly two hours of your workday. Sorry.

Everyone here was amazed at the book and thought it was beautiful. You’re an exceptional craftsman! I’m hoping we can get another book to you soon. It might also give me an excuse to come back over to Clifton! I enjoyed that drive.

Here is wishing you both the very best from Elmwood and a VERY chilly Monday in Memphis.


Dale Schaefer

From: J.Dwight Hudson - Myrtle Beach, SC


Got the Bible, of course, and I wanted to thank you again for a great job!


Dwight Hudson

From: J.F. Wilson - Beaufort, SC

Dear Literary Artisans,

The carefully-packed, restored "Bandanna Ballads" arrived late last week, and I am delighted with the results of your expert work. I sat at once and examined each page and the binding which makes a unit of all those individual pages sent to you a year ago. You folks DONE GOOD!

I discovered this book on a discard pile where I volunteer; The Friends of the Library. Its shabby condition hid its potential but I dug it out and shared it with colleagues. They all thought it was charming -- but.... We meet again tomorrow and I know they will be surprised and pleased as I, at the quality of your restorative work.

Best wishes,

J. F. Wilson

From: Bob & Nancy Jackson - Harrogate, TN

Dear Mr. Stansell,

Thank you for the absolutely phenomenal repair you made to our 1599 Geneva Bible! We rejoice at the prospects of one day donating this beautiful Holy Bible to the Lincoln Memorial University's Special Collections Library where it periodically can be displayed publicly. The Special Collections Librarian noted the exceptional quality of your work and the reasonable price you charged.

Thank you again and many blessings to you!

Bob and Nancy Jackson
Harrogate, Tennessee

From: Joanna Pedagno - Holbrook, NY

It is my understanding from your email that the volumes that I sent you are wet beyond repair and that you can purchase the exact same set of books and restore them to your satisfaction for me.

I've thought on this for the last few days and came to the conclusion that that would be acceptable and would keep in being with the spirit of having the books remain in our family. So yes, please proceed with the work.

Having said that, I am blown away by the fact that you could have just done what you proposed to do and never told me that the books were not the ones that I sent you and charged me the full price. You are one honest man, Mr. Stansell, and I am so happy to be doing business with someone of your character.

God bless you and yours,

From: Sharon Dorsey - Ocean Pines, MD

To Ed and staff:

My money and your time were certainly well spent, and at last my late mother's bucket list is I can get around to starting my own. The bible is magnificent, and elicited a grateful sigh of relief from great-aunt Edee who, at 104, questioned whether she'd live to see its completion. Her son Jack, whose grandchildren are the only direct descendants of the Linthicum-Ijams line, brought the book to Ocean Pines on a recent visit. His wife, a Montana native, has taken on the assignment of researching the family back to
where the inscriptions left off, so VERY long ago. I was deeply moved by the obvious loving care with which you treat your priceless charges. Our family can now cherish this keepsake, and each of us will tell anyone who will listen that you're the best in the business. Thanks, too, for sending along the pressed flower, though we've not been able to ascertain its origin. Our very best to all at Craft Bookbinding

Warmest regards,

Sharon Dorsey
Ocean Pines, MD

From: Jose Serrano-Padro - Brooklyn, NY

Hi Ed,

I just received our family bible. My wife and I are very satisfied with the work that you and your company did. We did not believe that it could be restored to the condition that you did. It will be kept more as an heirloom. We will be including old photos and documents that we have kept throughout the years.

Thank you for taking the time and the excellent job.

Best wishes,


From: Anthony Burke - Bridgeport, CT

Dear Ed -

The album arrived earlier today. It looks absolutely brilliant!! The leather, the gold-leaf, the cleaned hardware, and especially the pages surely looks better than it has for at least 70 or 80 years. I am grateful to you for your good work.

Thank you again.


Tony Burke

From: Debbie Schandelmeier - Swink, CO

Good Morning Ed,

I just wanted you to know I received my cook book today and it looks great.

Thank You
Debbie Schandelmeier

From: Steven Emery - Princeton, WI

Got the book today. It looks great; worth the wait. I will keep you guys in mind when I come across another book to get restored

Thanks again,


From: Peter Damp - Nashville, TN

Hi Ed,

Received your books today. I have to say that I am blown away! Truly beautiful, what incredible craftsmanship. Thank you very much!


From: Rick Destree - Arvada, CO

Ed & Sandy

Thank you for the suburb craftsmanship you put into our book. You turned it into a true work of art, and is now a treasured 'member' of our antiquarian bookshelf!

PurJoy Bookshop>

From: James Reigle - Lewistown, PA

Dear Mr Stansell,

I received my 1750 German Bible yesterday and could not believe the wonderful job you and your staff have done to restore it to useable condition. The restoration and repair of the original leather cover is amazing, as well as the repair of many pages which I thought were beyond saving. The missing clasps that you had fabricated look like they were original to this bible. The Bible now looks like an old family bible that was well taken care of over the years, which is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for a job very well done.

James Reigle

Lewistown, Pa.

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