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From: Ken Murphy - Tampa, FL

Hi Ed,

I received the book today. I am extremely pleased with how it turned out and am very appreciative of your efforts. I am very glad that I entrusted this rarity to your capable hands.



From: Lynn Whisman - Chattanooga, TN

I've been meaning to let you know that I received my Bible and am so pleased. Thank you so much for a job well done!


From: Krystal Meisel - Leonore, IL

Edward Stansell

I received the Atlas today. I was absolutely thrilled to see it. I just can't get over how wonderful it looks. You did a fantastic job and I can't wait for my husband to see it. Once again, thank you so much.


From: Larry Danger - Tampa, Florida


I've been a little slow in getting back to you to let you know our Burkitt On The New Test arrived in perfect order. Your work is beautiful and deeply appreciated. Thank you for your fine work.

PS: Absolutely worth the wait. I am in hopes it might show up on your great Web site someday.... with your other works of art.

Thanks again, we will treasure your work.

Larry Danger

From: James Reigle - Lewistown, PA

Dear Mr Stansell,

I received my 1750 German Bible yesterday and could not believe the wonderful job you and your staff have done to restore it to useable condition. The restoration and repair of the original leather cover is amazing, as well as the repair of many pages which I thought were beyond saving. The missing clasps that you had fabricated look like they were original to this bible. The Bible now looks like an old family bible that was well taken care of over the years, which is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for a job very well done.

James Reigle

Lewistown, Pa.

From: Mary Zimmer - Barrington, IL

Dear Ed,

I wanted to let you know that everything was just beautiful! Thank you so much.
I have another book I would like to send you to see if you could do anything with it. Would that be OK? Please let me know.


From: Richard O'Keefe - Niceville, FL

Mr. Stansell --

My wife and I love maps and history, so you can imagine how thrilled we were last year to obtain a copy of the Cram's Universal Atlas, 1894 edition. This full-color book gives us a detailed and fascinating window onto our past that no textbook or lecture can rival. But we were also very concerned that the integrity of the book's binding might have been compromised over the years, and the book itself was damaged by a relative's German Shepard. So we were very eager to have the book restored in order to be able to enjoy it for many more years. After an extensive search, we selected Craft Bookbinding. Although the before and after pictures on your web site, and my telephonic interview with you, instilled great confidence in your abilities and dedication to your craft, we still had to make a leap of faith by entrusting this treasure to you, hundreds of miles away.

We are absolutely thrilled with the job that you did! This book now appears to be maybe 20 years old, and the binding, cover and pages seem ready for another century of reading and viewing pleasure. The care and artistry and, frankly, the magic that you appear to have used on our book is nothing short of amazing, a word too often misused, but in this case totally justified. Our atlas now sits in a place of honor in our library where we will peruse its pages for as long as we live.

Thank you for helping us to preserve this treasure, and please feel free to share these fully-justified plaudits with anyone who wants the best workmanship from an artist who clearly loves books just as much as we do.

Warmest personal regards,

Rick O'Keeffe and Trish Harrison
Niceville, Florida

From: Elizabeth Wislar - Marietta, GA

Dear Ed,

Your beautiful work of restoration arrived this afternoon and is a great tribute to the talent God gave you, and your discipline in developing its potential. It is a joy to know I can now spend time pouring over it without the fear of doing damage to its fragile estate. And knowing that it will pass on through the family that originally owned it for at least another couple of generations puts a smile in my heart.

All the best,
BJ Wislar

From: Gerald Dinsmore - Sand Springs, OK


WOW this is impressive, I hate we had to re back the book, but it looks awesome and just like it should. I do have one question, with the book closed and looking at the pages from a sideways angle the pages appear red orange spotted, what is the purpose of that?




What you see is sprinkled edges. Sprinkling or staining the edges was done to nearly every book that was produced. The less expensive books were sprinkled, Staining red or yellow was usually for the full gilt leather bindings. The purpose of sprinkling and staining was to hide dirty finger marks and dust. When you see a leather book from the Eighteenth Century and earlier that doesn't have its edges sprinkled, the ink has likely faded or worn off. Books that had the edges stained usually show some traces of it. In the late Eighteenth Century, until the early Twentieth, it was not uncommon to see marbled edges. Of course there has been gilt edge books for the past two hundred years. Gilding was done for the same reason, but it also said that the books owner had expensive taste.

Edge treatments can come in a variety of styles: Gaufferred edges have designs pressed into them. Usually Gauffered edges are often gilded after the design has been pressed or punched in. One of the most unique edge treatments is fore-edge painting. These have the fore-edge painted with the pages partially fanned out (as when the book is open). The painting can only be seen when the book is in this position. When its closed the painting is invisible. Some fore-edge painters paint the edge so that when the book is opened one way, one scene appears and when opened the other way, another scene shows.

It's sad that books are so little appreciated these days. A great art that was once available to even modest incomes, now, is fast becoming unavailable to even the richest of us.

I'm elated that you are pleased with your book. We felt it a privilege to restore it. We restore many books from the Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, but few posses the historical significance of your book.

Thank you for your patronage. We look forward to serving you in the future.

Best regards,

Ed Stansell
Craft Bookbinding Co.
Binding and restoring books for over 60 years.

From: Bob van Hees - Australia

Hi Ed,
My mother received the bible, in her words - "arrived in beautiful shape"
i Ed,
I understand the packaging was exceptional and quality of restoration most impressive.

Thanks again,


From: Jim Millsap - Encinitas, CA

Good morning Ed -

Just wanted to let you know that the Bible arrived yesterday; July 23. This is quite impressive - so thanks so much for the great restoration !. The color is very rich and looks fantastic !. I took a photo but will take a better shot to show the before / after restoration. So; the attached photos show before / after - but I will send a better one for your website !

Are there any do's & don'ts that you could pass along that will help keep the Bible preserved in this new condition ?

Again; thanks so much for the great restoration on this family Bible.

All the best,

Jim Millsap
Encinitas, CA

From: Brad Zenz - San Diego, CA

Hi Ed,

I received my Bible today. You did an amazing job! Thanks so much for the good work. I even have another old Bible devotional readings book I want re-bound sometime. I'll definitely be sending it to you.

If there is anything else I can do to support your business, please let me know.

Have a nice weekend, and God bless!


From: Scott Welles - Leavenworth, KS


Just picked up the restored book from the Post Office; looks phenomenal! Thank you.


From: Susan Koster - Pinetop, AZ

The Anthologies are beautiful! Thank you. I am sending you two more boxes of books. There are 15 volumes of John L. Stoddard's lectures. I had to look him up on wickepedia. Actually quite an interesting man, and his lectures are dated, but give a good view of history and the pictures are great. Of course now when I put the "new" books next to the old, the old look really shabby. Gak!

Thanks again,


From: Christine Frank - Highlands Ranch, CO

Hi, Ed,
     This is long overdue, but here's my official "thank you" letter:
     You and Craft Bookbinding did a wonderful job in restoring my 1868 copy of "Little Women." When I sent the book to you, it was in terrible shape: the binding was frayed and coming apart and some of the pages were ripped. I was afraid to open it! Now, just a few short months later, the book is in fantastic condition. I hardly recognize it. The binding is completely repaired and the ripped pages are whole again. I don't think that this book has been in such good shape in many years. I can't wait to read it! And now, I can leave it to a loved one as a beautiful heirloom of my own.
     Thank you so much for the professional job, the reasonable price, and the job completed on schedule.
     Christine Frank
     Highlands Ranch, Colorado

From: Cynthia Sternau - New York, NY

Dear Ed,

The Magic of Jewels and Charms returned home yesterday, beautifully restored! Thank you so much!

Cynthia Sternau

From: Mike Perrier - San Marcos, CA

Dear Ed,

The Bible is wonderful. You did beautiful work. Thank you very much for your craftsmanship - You've preserved precious memories.

Very gratefully yours,
Mike Perrier

From: Robert McConnell - Gate City, VA


Bible received in good order. Very satisfied with the results. Probably in better shape than when new.


Bob McConnell

From: Claudia Burch - Houston, TX

Mr. Stansell,

You have restored several old books for me, and I was thrilled with the job you did. I have one more. Would you take a look at it if I send it to you, and let me know what you think should be done to restore it, please? It was given to my grandpa by his daddy so it has sentimental value to our family.
Thank you for the loving and excellent work you do.


From: Cynthia Sternau - New York, NY

Dear Ed,

The Sibylline Oracles has arrived safely--just as gorgeous as its photos! I can't thank you enough. You did a truly amazing job!


From: Rev. Cynthia Kane - Kailua, HI


The Bible looks beautiful! You did work miracles. I'm in tears.

Kind regards,

From: Paul Buckley - Chandler, AZ


I just wanted to let you know that I received the Bible. Thank you for packing it so carefully.

Iím thrilled that you were able to find a text block in such great condition. The book is fantastic and Iím excited to use it and learn about it. Thank you so much for your restoration work AND for allowing me to make payments over a long period of time.

A grateful customer,

Paul Buckley

From: Elizabeth White - Birmingham, AL

I received the book. Thank you......nice job.


From: Jeremy Coburn - Bradford, PA

Just got it Mr. Stansell. I am floored. Thank you so much for your professionalism. It brought tears to my eyes. I am a happy man.

From: Lori Brown - Sonora, CA

Hello Ed,

"God's Minute" arrived today and it was like Christmas! The restoration job on the cover is wonderful and a new marker ribbon too!!!! Thank you so much for expediting this job. I look forward to my devotions in the morning and having my precious book back in my hands, ready for another 100 years.

Lori Jones

From: Cynthia Sternau - New York, NY

Dear Ed,

The "Myths of Plato" and "Lempriere" arrived safely last night, gleaming with the satisfaction of their beautiful bindings! They've both moved back into the glass-front bookcase along with their friends. Thank you so much. I'm going to hold off on sending more (yes, there are always more) for a time, until I can figure out who's next.



From: Cynthia Bobe - Madison, MS

I received the Bible and it is beautiful! Thank you so much !


Fom: Alan Ginn - Swanzey, NH

Hi Ed,

The Bible arrived yesterday, and it looks great! Thank you for the excellent restoration.

Best regards,

Alan Ginn

From: David B. Messersmith - Houston, TX


The Bible arrived yesterday afternoon. I love it. You did a great job. The picture history is wonderful and makes it so much more considering all that you have done that is hard to realize until you see the history. Thank you do much, you talent and skill is amazing.


From: Tony Peregoy - Lanett, AL

Hi Ed,

Just taking a few minutes to send a big THANK YOU for my Bible restoration. It is beautiful. Immediately, I have to say my favorite part is that it looks, as you initially said, like an old Bible that has been well taken care of. It is not a new looking book which it should not be. I love that you repaired pages and the cover is truly stunning. I believe my investment will prove my purpose of preserving this Family Bible for generations to come.

Thanks so much!

Tony Peregoy

From: From: Beverly James - South Berwick, ME

​Dear Ed,

We just arrived home from our trip, and my son brought the Bible over. I can't tell you how thrilled we are with your magnificent restoration. Thank you so much for your dedication to giving new life to such family treasures.

Sincerely yours,


From: Thom Gilmore - Fayetteville, TN


I just wanted to thank you again for the work on our Family Bible. Thankfully, I had posted photos of the original condition to a family page I maintain on FaceBook and was able to share the transformation there yesterday. My siblings and cousins were in all and I told them the photos do not do it justice ... they will need to see it in person.

I hope to be able to use your master craftsman talents again at some point.

Again ... thank you so much. I could NOT be any more pleased.

Thom Gilmore

From: Marjorie Dolan - Vinyard Haven, MA

Dear Mr. Stansell,

I received my family bible yesterday, and am so pleased with the work you did. It is an amazing transformation from something that was literally disintegrating, to something that can now be treasured by many more generations. Thank you for all the care that you took with this heirloom. Can you advise the best way to store this to protect it going forward?

Best regards,

Marjorie Dolan

From: Bonnie Elder - Aliso Viejo, CA

Dear Ed,

I apologize for not writing this sooner. The books are like undamaged aged books, and are now worth passing on. I am grateful that I found your web site. Worth waiting for.

Thank you,

Bonnie Elder

From: Laurinda Spear - Miami, FL

Dear Sandy and Ed,

Thank you so much! The albums arrived on Mother and Dad's 70th wedding anniversary: today , June 10, 2017!

You did a wonderful job!! I really , truly appreciate your craftsmanship!

More to follow!


From: Ted van Griethuysen - Stratford, CT

Dear Ed,
It came today, and it is beautiful. I have had the book for nearly 40 years, and now it is
refreshed, renewed, and soon it will be in the hands of another who will carry it for the next 40. You are a superb craftsman.

Thank you.


From: Thomas P. Lydon - Cumming, GA

Mr. Stansell,

While meeting a while back with my cousin. Karin Banks. she had shown me the remnants of our Lawson Family Bible (My Mom's Family) which I had never seen before. I was fascinated at the writings and notes inside that included dates of birth, marriage, deaths, of a family of 12 children. In subsequent discussions, she decided that the book should be repaired. I came across your company on the internet and forwarded a link to her for viewing. Karin had talked to you and the decision was made to send the book to you for a quotation. She agreed to have it done and after months of what I'm sure was exhausting work Karin had it sent to me.
I just wanted to say your work was absolutely amazing, this Bible is just unbelievable now. Karin has not seen it since this was done and I promised her last night a trip to the mountains of Virginia was well worth her being able to see how nice this turned out.

Thank You so much !

From: Dave Ellis - Madison, AL


Really appreciate your work on the Atlas. Hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas, and outstanding 2018.

From: Louise Baird - Nashville, TN

Hello Sandy and Ed,
     The Bible came yesterday and itís perfect! Thank you both for all your wonderful work!
     Louise Baird

From: Mike Toppa/North Sails - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Sep 24 at 2:56 PM

Hi Ed,

Really happy to see the wonderful restoration work on the latest batch of books you sent back.

Thanks again,


From: Robert Heinch - Pearl, MS

The Family Bible was delivered today. The restoration was well worth the expense. Thank you. I donít know what I am most impressed with, the Bible itself or the accompanying photo album. I am curious about one thing. The original bible had the family record in the front, the restored bible has those pages between the Old and New Testaments. Iím sure there is a reason for that, and would appreciate an explanation as to why that was done. Iím not upset, just curious.

Sometime in the next few weeks I will be sending a Friendship Album (circa 1854) for you to work your magic on.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,



Thank you for your generous complements. If it is all right with you, we would like to put your note on our Testimonials Page.

The reason the Family record section is between the Old and New Testament is that is where they always are in Family Bibles. In your Bible, they were in the front, but they were loose. I assume that they either fell out and someone didn't know where they belonged, or they were taken out to be copied and were put in the front for convenience sake.

Ed Stansell
Craft Bookbinding Co.

From: Eric Fulton - Henderson, NV

Hi Ed,

Thank you! The book arrived and the work you did is incredible!

Whenever I can get back home, Iíll send the other two.

Best regards,


From: Kerry Gloss - Salem, WI

Dear Ed,

After months of waiting in anticipation .
My book finally arrived. The restoration of the cover and binding turned out perfect.
I can't tell you how delighted I am.
For all the hard work you put into my book-

Thank you,

Kerry Gloss
Salem, WI.

From: Bard Young - White Bluff, TN


Just received and opened the box. Well done! Splendid! Iím very pleased and proud.

Thanks again.


From: Mike Toppa / North Sails - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Hi Ed
Received the books and have to tell you how happy I am, they're really great. You are a magician! Thanks again


From: Rita Roach - Mesa, Arizona

My son brought the family bible to me this morning that you had restored and I was in tears. I was so overjoyed with the outcome. We will be taking it to IN for Christmas so that everyone can see the beauty of it. My mother is ninety-two and my dad has been gone since 2011 and he was born and raised in TN!!!! She will be so happy!! What a Christmas gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rita Roach

From: Carol A. Cecil - Hernando, MS

Thank you for the beautiful books. They look GREAT!!!! My son will be so pleased.

Thank you,

Carol A. Cecil

From: Robert Miller - Madison, AL

Sandy and Ed,

Thanks for the beautiful restoration of the Bible. It was so interesting talking to you, what a great craft you have.

The article in Epoch was wonderful. I especial liked your Gallery tab on your wonderful web site.

Thanks again for the fine work.

Bob Miller

From: Marshall Duffield - Costa Mesa, CA


I received my book today. I was blown away. It is absolutely beautiful. How do you do that? You donít have to tell me! Anyway, Iím so amazed at the quality of your work. Not that I didnít believe you could perform...not at all. I am just so happy to see life brought back into this book. My dad would read me stories from this very book. He was very well read as a Rhodes Scholar and an all American quarterback in college. He had books everywhere in our library but alas most books are gone and Iím the only one who kept them. My two sisters have a few but not too many. One sister graduated from Stanford whilst I never got a degree. I started a business at 19 and never looked back.

Iíll be trying to sell to my wife the need to do more books in our library!

Thank you so much for saving this book!

Marshall ďDuffyĒ Duffield.

From: Genevieve Koloian - Sebastian, FL

Dear Mr. Stansell:

Received the white bible today. What a magnificent job you did.
can't wait to see the other one. Thanks again.

Genevieve Koloian

From: Ashley Green - Edwardsville, IL


I just received my Bible, and a yellow envelope full of all the personal effects that I assumed were in the pages of the Bible. Well the book itself looks fantastic, I am missing the photo record of the restoration process. I tried to give you a call but there was no answer


From: Richard Warriner

Mr. Stansell,

You did a masterful job on 2 books for me several years ago. Just wondering if you are still doing that artwork? My wife has a Bible she would like restored. If so, we can drive there if you're interested.


Richard Warriner

From: David McDonald - Hohenwald, TN

My wife sent me pictures of the Littlejohn binding.

Thanks so much for doing a great job on it.

Thanks David.

From: Norma Brown - Spring Hill, FL

Dear Mr. Stansell,

I received my father's Bible back about a month ago.
I can't tell you just how happy I am with the quality of work you and
your company put into this project. The Bible felt so familiar in my
hands when I took it out of the wrappings. It is as close to original
as I remember. I am glad that you used the Nigerian goatskin. I am
giving it to my cousin who is a physician in Ottawa, Ont. He and my
father were very fond of each other and I know he will appreciate
receiving such a remembrance. Thank you for restoring the Bible.

Norma Brown

From: John Gardner - Pacifis Palisades, CA


The book you sent arrived early and to say it was outstanding is an understatement, my wife pronounced it as gorgeous. It is a true reflection of your skill and experience and we are more than happy with the result.

With my true appreciation,

John Gardner

From: Dennis Cook - Hamilton, GA


Received the Bible yesterday! It looks fantastic!!! I cannot describe how happy I am with it. Itís just fantastic! And, it looks like an old Bible that has been taken care of over the years which is exactly the look I wanted. And the births, deaths, etc. pages look great as well which is extremely important. The color of the outside front/back/spine looks darker than when I sent it, but I presume to use most of the original leather, or whatever the covering is, it had to blend or match the material used to complete the cover.

Again, it looks great - thank you for the excellent work!

Best regards,

From: Melinda Shay Pounds - Hamilton, AL

Ed and Sandy Stansell at Craft Bookbinding Co. in Clifton, TN did an exceptional job putting the pieces of my priceless treasure back together. My husband and I were reading through this Bible, transferring our church daily devotional messages in strategic locations when my husband transitioned from this life to his eternal one. We had completed other Bibles for two of our other sons. This Bible had traveled with us to all his cancer treatment appointments and contained many notes of that journey. This Bible was to go to our oldest at the birth of his first child. I was working on finishing up the few pages left when my husband's dog decided to use it as a chew toy. This was a hard lesson learned and I was devastated. Then, a lady from my church gave me the contact information for Craft Bookbinding Co. I could not have imagined the transformation they accomplished from the Bible they received that had been scooped into a Dollar General bag and tied at the top to the Bible they laid before me when I returned. Tears were unstoppable! The last project that my husband and I had worked on for our son was restored in USABLE condition! I am currently finishing it up and patiently waiting for the first grandchild. Ed and Sandy Stansell, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the joy God used you to provide in restoring a usable, BEAUTIFUL Bible even when it looked hopeless.
You are truly gifted and blessed,
Melinda Shay Pounds

God bless you and have a great day in our Lord Jesus Christ,

Melinda Shay Pounds

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